Six Songs with Katerina Siapanta


Katerina Siapanta (Κατερίνα Σιαπάντα ) was born in Thessaloniki. From early age she was dealing with the song. In 1987 she won the performing prize in the Greek Song Festival of Thessaloniki and in 1994 the first place in the same festival with the song “The secret” (Το μυστικό) which won also the second prize in The European Countries and Cyprus Festival.

In 1988 she appeared in the movie “The Jersey with Number 9” (Η φανέλα με το νούμερο 9); the music for it was composed by Stamatis Spanodakis. “This is my one and only appearance on the cinema! It was a great experience, one that I will never forget.” In the movie she sang  the famous song “Stolen life” (Ζωη κλεμμενη); some people on the set admired her talent to lip-synching; they thought that she was an actress and not the actual singer…*

(Press the YouTube bottom for English subtitles in all videos)


S’agapo (Σ’ αγαπώ)

Katerina Siapanta collaborated with many important creators and singers like Manolis Rasoulis, Melina Kana, Giorgos Kazantzis, Giannis Mitsis, Antonis Kalogiannis and others.  This song is from Sokratis Malamas’ album of 1993 “Cycle” (Κύκλος).  “Sokratis Malamas and myself go back a long way. We worked together in a small club in the center of Thessaloniki, called “Rizes” (Roots), way before he became famous, sometime in the mid 80s. That was my first job as a professional singer!

“S’ agapo” is one of my favorite songs; I think that Anthoula Athanasiadou has done a wonderful job with the lyrics; it comes across to me as a very tender, yet determined and full of confidence description of true, deep love.” (Music by Malamas)


“Crystals of the mind” (Κρύσταλλα του νου-1997)

This is the title of the first album of Eugene Dermitasoglou (Ευγένιος Δερμιτάσογλου). A lot of great musicians contributed in making this album: Nick Dounoussis, Michael Kapilidis, Kostas Matsigkos, Kostas Tsougras, Evi Kazantzi, Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, Akis Katsoupakis, Kostas Moisiadis, Vangelis Kontopoulos, Fotis Siotas, Makis Petinaris, Dimitris Psarras…

We have here two songs written by Eugene Dermitasoglou:  “There’s also another way” (Υπάρχει κι άλλος τρόπος) and “Good luck to you” (Καλή σου τύχη)


The dawn was breaking (ΞΗΜΕΡΩΝΕ)

A song that hasn’t been recorded yet; Katerina  Siapanta wrote the lyrics of it. The music is by Dimitris Kechagias

Katerina: “Dimitris and his wife, Vicky Gouni, were the owners of club Plato (Πλατώ = Plateau), where I worked as a singer from 1992 until 1998. Unfortunately Plato had to close, due to financial reasons. Many singers appeared there, including Melina Kana, Lizeta Kalimeri, Sokratis Malamas ,Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Kostas Makedonas, Nikos Papazoglou, Sofia Papazoglou, Pantelis Theoharidis and of course Manolis Rasoulis, with whom I had the pleasure to work with, also at Plato.”

“The dawn was breaking” (“Ksimerone”) is a very special lyric-writing moment for me. It combines two different incidents that made me really sad at some point in time. Thanks to creativity, the pain is long gone!”

My good friend Dimitris Kechagias wrote the music, based on the lyrics. I think he did it superbly… I hope the listeners share my humble opinion!”


Right before dawn (Πριν το ξημέρωμα)

The lyrics to this beautiful song were also written by Katerina and the music by Giorgos Fanaras (Γιώργος Φανάρας) who also performs it. He writes in his Youtube channel: “A song I wrote about a friend’s premature loss, Takis, who left too early and unfairly from life, “right before dawn”…”But now you waste happiness away from me and gray wings are embracing you”, according to the lyrics written in total relation to the occasion, by my very good friend, the talented lyric-writer and artist, Katerina Siapanta.”






* (the original scene from the movie is at  (From 50:30)

Many thanks to my dear friend Katerina for the songs and their translations!





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